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Top Notch!


Thank you so much Attorney Hill. Her and her staff are top notch and deserve all of the greatness coming to them. her friendly staff, they are truly out to help & are highly recommended! Thank You so much for all your hard work, I have no words to express how grateful we are for all that you done for us…”

– Maria G.



Ms. Hill took my case on short notice. She negotiated a fair settlement and got me visitation with my children. 5 Stars!!!

– Annonymous

The reviews sold me


Oh Boy did she come through for me! She was honest, kept me informed and after a long drawn out process (the other side tried to hold up things), she swung with a mighty bat and torched the opposition to scorched earth! Well done Faith!

– Gerald

She the goat!!!

She is so professional in her business….she is always going above and beyond the call of duty….She really helped my sister and the Jones family in their lowest point….
– Talisa

Best Lawyer Ever!


Fair had truly been a blessing to the Jones’ family, she was very sensitive to our family’s needs, and worked extra hard to keep our spirits lifted! Thank You! And be blessed!

– Whitney

Her name itself speak volume

I can so much about this firm. I LOVE THIS FIRM!!!!! I am a returning customer. I would not ever go with another firm. This firm loves there clients and cares about your issues. When I was at my lowest point; they took my case and uplifted my spirit with encouraging words. They stay professional they entire time. I still am working with them as we speak and I blessed for having Faith and her secretary in my families life. Attorney Faith and her Administrative Assistant has such a beautiful souls. Chose there firm, I guarantee you will love them too.
– Terrelcia

She is heaven sent

She is awesome she made us feel comfortable and answered all our questions and she took good care of us thanks for helping the Jones family

Thank You


A wonderful and knowledgeable Lawyer. She helped my sister with her case. She makes sure that her clients are well equipped for court. She cares about your issues. Thank you so much for what you are doing. Thank you so much for what you have done. For my sister Mrs. T. Jones.

–Brandy Jackson

Don't Be Afraid, Just Believe; Have Faith

Initially, I was just seeking help for filing a counterclaim argument for a legitimation case. I found Barrett Partners Group after a diligent search using various sources online. I spoke with her administrator and he was beyond helpful and I wasn’t even a client yet. He set my appointment to speak with Faith.
– Endia

Yes! She is a rockstar.

Divorces and custody suck. They do. Fighting for transparency over someone else’s “truth” is time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes downright demeaning. No one should have to fight someone else to be a part of your child’s life. But when you do, you should have someone who cares about you and what you are fighting for.
– anonymous

Child Support and Custody Case


I reached Faith Hill for advice on a complex child support case involving an estranged ex wife. She gave me the confidence and I needed to be prepared for what lies ahead. Very pragmatic and informative. I do plan on using her in any further consultation through this trying process.

– Ms. Williams

Very thorough, caring, and attentive attorney

I love the way Mrs. Hill handled my case. From the time I contacted her for the Initial Consultation, she was very informative, thorough, and knowledgeable. Mrs. Hill addressed my concerns with empathy, while still giving me the truth
– Gloria F.


The 5-star rating is for Attorney Faith. She helped my cousins out a great deal: financially, emotionally, and spiritually. She’s gone above and beyond to do not only what you expect to pay for when seeking legal aid, but doing a human service of providing substantial support that is rare in business these days. It brought hope to my cousins–the Jones family–something money cannot buy. If you want the extra bonus of loving service in addition to competency, call this firm. Ask for Faith too. You won’t regret the process or results you get.
– Sonset Free

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value


I came to Ms. Hill during in the middle of a very difficult case and I did not know where else I could turn. A friend of mine recommended I give her a try and after looking at the reviews, I decided to give her a call. Thank GOD for Faith! Not only did she hit a grand slam in my case, her caring advice has become a foundational piece of my life. I came looking to win my case. I left with a lifetime confidant. Thank you Faith. You’re truly appreciated. I HIGHLY recommend. Hey Dads out there…YES YOU CAN WIN YOUR CASE. Call Faith!

– John


Thank you – Mrs. Faith P. Hill for helping my family
– ms.elegant 4life

Fine Service


I called this firm after being referred by my neighbor and reading their reviews. Their staff is professional and courteous. What I liked most (after the price of course) was that I actually got to talk to the attorney. I had been trying to get divorced for 2 years. Attorney Faith Hill came in and fixed the mistakes of my previous counsel and did not over charge me for stellar work. I would recommend this firm!

– James J.

Quality Speaks

Excellent and professional service at a very difficult time
– Tiffany Townsend



She took my case last minute and won! Thanks so much Attorney Hill!

– Torrey