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What Do Marriage Counselors Do?

What Do Marriage Counselors Do?

Individuals seeking divorce should seek marriage counseling if they are at all unsure of their choice to dissolve their marriage in divorce. Although marriage counseling is an often discussed topic, many couples avoid seeking marriage counseling because they are unsure about what exactly marriage counselors do, and how marriage counseling may be beneficial. Below is a list that briefly outlines the work of marriage counselors and how marriage counselors can help couples work through marital discord.

  • Often, couples are not able to identify or confront their marital issues on their own. Marriage counselors can help by working with couples to identify sources of marital conflict, like finances, infidelity or communication issues.
  • Once the source of conflict is identified, marriage counselors work with the couple to develop a plan to address the source of conflict.
  • Generally, marriage counselors begin by working with a couple together, but eventually may work with each partner individually to fulfill the goals set out in the counseling plan.
  • In counseling, marriage counselors teach couples conflict resolution skills and communication skills. These skills help couples communicate and work together to resolve their marital concerns.
  • In addition to teaching couples communication and conflict resolution skills, marriage counselors may suggest other plans of action to help a couple overcome marital strife. For example, if a couple has grown apart due to their busy schedules, a counselor might suggest that they have a regular evening or day that they reserve just to spend time with each other.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of the help that marriage counselors may provide. Thus, if you are considering divorce, but have questions about marriage counseling or on how to proceed with divorce, contact your Atlanta Divorce Team.