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About Barrett Partners Group

Bottom line: BPG cares about each case we take on and we save you money in the long term. We are the premier flat fee family law firm in Georgia.

Barrett Partners Group is one of the most respected family law firms in Georgia and always protects your best interest. We have a reputation for providing the best and highest level of service to our clients. 

Our Founder Faith Hill has handled many family law cases in Georgia. We have represented extremely wealthy individuals, such as business owners and executives. However, because of our affordability, we have proudly provided excellent service to the masses who without our flat fees, may not have been able to afford an elite law firm.  Through years of experience handling these types of cases, we understand that each client has various needs and strive to provide individualized services.

We are committed to resolving divorce cases by settlement. When that cannot be achieved, we provide genius level representation at trial. Our firm is an Army, all of whom are dedicated to the practice of Georgia family law.  

Our family law firm is located in Snellville, Georgia.  We use the some of the best practices in the legal industry to handle your matter efficiently and maintain your confidential information. 

Our experienced legal counsel provides top of the line legal solutions for families in need of supportive, professional advice for a variety of family law practice areas.

Our team focuses primarily on family law matters, devoting our knowledge and expertise to provide cooperative, cost-effective resolutions of family law disputes.

At Barrett Partners Group, we believe that your family matters and we’re passionate about giving you the personal attention you deserve to resolve your toughest family law challenges. 

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe that negotiation is the best way to resolve conflict and that litigation is the very last resort. However, if we must go to trial, we will utilize all of our experience and resources to achieve the best results possible. Throughout both the negotiations and trial, we listen closely to our clients, help them to define their goals and then fight to achieve them.

Family law cases, especially divorce, can have lasting and substantial effects on families. In order to best protect your rights and to produce a positive, cooperative outcome, an experienced legal team is critical to the resolution of any family disputes.

After years of experience with a wide range of family law cases, we know that family law disputes can create a great deal of emotional trauma for any family.

One of our main concerns is the economic consequences of divorce, not only for the divorcing couple but especially for any children who are involved. We are particularly concerned for young children who are still financially dependent on their parents.

Adults have the resources to freely decide their own fate, but this is not the case with minors. Their interests are most in need of protection, therefore any decision that affects them – from the allocation of the family home, the calculation and payment of maintenance, and visitation rights – needs to be taken only after careful assessment and with surgical precision.

It is important for clients to understand that decisions made in an agreement will be valid for a long period of time and that they can be difficult to amend. Dialogue and trust between us and our clients is a prerequisite for our professional tasks. For that reason we don’t charge our fees by the hour.

Our team is passionate about helping our clients find optimal results for the unique set of challenges that any divorce or family law struggle presents. Our primary goal is to custom tailor unique and effective solutions that allows our clients to move into the next stage of life with confidence.

At Barrett Partners Group,  our team of experienced legal professionals take the time to get to know your case on a personal level so that we can help you find the best resolution for your family’s long term goals.

We Will FIGHT To Protect Your Legal Rights Under The Law.

Everyone has a need for legal services at some time in their lives. When your legal need involves your family or personal finances, you’ll want to find help right away from lawyers you can trust to represent you well and achieve outstanding results. At Barrett Partners Group, you’ll find a team of seasoned Atlanta litigators who’ll fight hard for you – as hard as we would fight for our own family. Our Georgia Divorce Lawyers help our clients with powerful solutions to protect their rights while effectively resolving complex family law matters.

Our law practice focuses primarily in the area of family law for Georgia families. In addition to providing excellent legal representation, we make it a priority at our firm to be responsive to our clients. We are ALWAYS here when you need us, ready to answer your questions, keep you updated and informed, and make sure you are getting the legal service you need and deserve.

When possible, we minimize expense and emotional distress for families through the use of mediation and cooperative negotiation. When those tools are not sufficient for more complex cases, we are passionate about defending our client’s rights through litigation. If we take this to trial, the other side is in trouble!