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Mastering the balancing act for our clients

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We are currently ONLY accepting cases in Gwinnett, Fulton, Dekalb, Rockdale, and Cobb counties. Barrett Partners Group is committed to your family’s safety and wellness. Due to COVID concerns, we are working remotely exclusively. We also offer consultations via Zoom for your convenience.

About Us

Barrett Partners Group, LLC is one of the preeminent domestic relations firms in the country. The firm has developed an excellent reputation in all areas of family law, including but not limited to, divorce, child custody, child support, and legitimation. We exist to help you, and every member of Barrett Partners Group is compassionate about solving your family law problems with superior, exceptional customer service. We go above and beyond with a commitment to open communication and personal attention.

What We Do

As seasoned Divorce lawyers, we will analyze your case to determine the most effective and appropriate course of action. Our goal is to is help you to obtain what is fair and with as little financial and emotional distress as possible. We recognize that no two family law cases are the same. Our compassionate attorneys will work tirelessly to help develop an individualized legal strategy aimed at accomplishing your unique goals. At Barrett Partners Group, we offer comprehensive Family Law solutions along with top-notch legal representation to advocate for your rights. Contact our award-winning law firm to learn how we can help and get a skilled advocate in your corner.

Flat Fee Billing

Instead of being held to a law firm’s hourly rate, save your money with our one-time flat fee. Retaining excellent legal representation in Georgia should not always cost a fortune. At Barrett Partners Group, we know that all too often spouses dissolving a marriage in Atlanta spend tens of thousands of dollars, if not more, in attorney’s fees, when it is simply not necessary. For a one-time flat fee, our experienced attorneys will handle all aspects of your case until it becomes final. When you choose BPG, your case will be handled professionally, efficiently and inexpensively by an award winning law firm . We believe that giving clients this option at the outset provides a clear expectation of how much litigation will cost.

The 4 Core Areas for your Divorce

A Personal and FAIR Touch To Legal Representation

We are experts in Family Law dedicated to Serving Georgia for last 7 years.

When choosing a Divorce Attorney, Atlanta has many options. At Barrett Partners Group, we make the process of getting a divorce in Georgia a lot easier for you. Our family law experts can help you navigate the course of a divorce with better ease and peace of mind, no matter how things shape up. At a time when you are likely to undergo stress, anxiety, financial burden, and a feeling of despair, expert legal assistance can certainly make the journey a lot easier, especially in situations where legal complications require a strategic address. We are here to help. We are experts with all aspects of Georgia divorce ranging from simple uncontested divorces to complex contested high net worth divorce cases. We serve clients who have an array of  family law issues including divorce, child support, custody, and legitimation. Our legal team will work with you personally to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique case. We will inform you of your options, and give you clear advice on likely outcomes of given legal strategies. Thereafter, we create a creative, client-centric legal strategy, to secure a favorable outcome. Whether your divorce is amicable and uncontested or complex and emotional, count on Barrett Partners Group to be there for you throughout the entire process, giving you the time and attention you need while providing the level of representation necessary to achieve a successful resolution of your Georgia divorce. Our lawyers work to help our clients resolve their legal disputes in a favorable, and cost-effective manner to achieve fair outcomes that our clients can live with. We have a proven record of success in aggressively protecting our clients’ interests as well as achieving favorable matrimonial and family law outcomes. Our philosophy is based on providing, experienced and personalized representation to each of our clients. We provide thorough preparation, aggressive negotiation and skilled litigation in all areas of family law. Whether before marriage, during or after, we’ve got you covered. From divorce or legitimation to alimony and child support, We Fight For You!

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Barrett Partners Group


Experienced Attorneys, First-Class Experts, & Efficient Processes


We sincerely appreciate your consideration of our firm, and we are honored to serve you. Our motto is, “A Personal and Fair Touch To Legal Representation”. I am proud to say this approach has driven our company’s evolution. Not only do I take your case home with me (against all advice I’ve ever been given on the subject), I also put myself in your shoes to truly envelop your thoughts about the situation. I have surrounded myself with an excellent staff and the innovation to give you a smooth experience during a rough time.

We understand how important it is for our clients to have access to their file at all times, as well as all important updates.  As such, we have spared no expense to ensure that our clients have such access by providing a secure server to which we will upload every document that comes in and out of the office on your case.  I am one of the few family law attorneys providing this service to clients at no charge. 

During your case, we will discuss with you where we are in the process, what we are doing, why we are doing what we’re doing, and its relation to the overall goals for your particular case.

At Barrett Partners Group, we have made a conscious decision to not have an overload of cases to ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves. By placing limits on our caseload, we can be proactive and move the case forward towards a conclusion, as opposed as just reacting to the other attorney’s filings and motions. How we handle your case is driven by your goals and expectations, coupled with our experience. Our firm is committed to providing superior personalized representation each client by:

– Promptly returning your telephone calls and emails;

– Not charging by the hour, but providing outstanding service at flat rates;

– Providing you with a server and scanning and uploading all documents received;

– Practicing exclusively in the area of family law;

– Having a limited caseload to devote the time necessary for your case;

– Explaining the pros and cons of all available options so you can make informed decisions about your own case; and

– Giving you an honest, informed opinion of your case.

My staff and I remain constantly aware that your family law case is the most important issue in your life at this moment. You are not just a name on the file. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your needs.


At Edwards Family Law, we understand that your case is important to you. It is important to us as well. And we are committed to doing everything possible to make sure that your identity is respected and that your dignity is preserved at all times throughout the process.The law prohibits us from guaranteeing the outcome of your case. But, it does not prohibit us from guaranteeing the service you receive. We promise to provide you with the very best in customer service and client relations.We have codified our commitment in our Ten Commandments. If, at any time during your case, we fail to deliver on any of our Ten Commandments, please let us know. We will apologize for our mistake and do what is necessary to fix the problem. Your business is important to us. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!