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Strengthening Your Marriage

Strengthening Your Marriage and Marriage Advice

We’re aware that you wouldn’t normally expect to get marriage advice or  tips from a divorce law firm, but at Barrett Partners Group, we are in love with love and believe that divorce is  the last resort.  We are postitive that you did not envision a divorce lawyer on your wedding day and we’d rather see you stay married. In fact, the first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you should be getting a divorce in the first place. Some say that marriage is hard work. While challenging, we think it should be easy. Trials and tribulations come with every marriage that at times may appear insurmountable but you’ve got this! You may be considering divorce but it is not always the answer. Divorce is the last step, not the first. There are many things you can consider before the finality of divorce. One of them is Marriage Counseling. Once you’ve exhausted all of your options, the picture will become more clear to you. If you still arrive at Divorce, we will be here.

How Can a Marriage Counselor Help Me?

Many couples avoid seeking marriage counseling because they are unsure about what exactly marriage counselors do, and how marriage counseling may be beneficial.  There are some specific issues that typically prompt couples to seek counseling, including:

– Couples who feel like they have the same fight over and over and it’s hard to see eye to eye or come up with a solution.

– Couples who disagree about parenting, financial, or lifestyle choices.

– Couples who feel that household responsibilities are unequal and can’t figure out how to effectively communicate about this or come up with solutions.

– Couples who feel that they have lost sexual or romantic chemistry.

– Couples who feel like their marriage is on auto-pilot.

– Couples who feel unheard or who feel like their partner is emotionally unavailable. 

– Couples who have experienced a recent tragedy or loss and are having trouble processing it together.

– Couples who are dealing with substance abuse, infidelity, or mental health issues.

– Marriage counselors are great at identifying sources of conflict and creating plans to help resolve that conflict. Sometimes a licensed professional can see the things we can not see because we are biased to our own interests.